Around the home… Maintenance/Repair:

You know what it's like, that feeling when a small job needs fixing or sorting, or you've accidentally broken the door handle - who do you get to fix it? Not a problem, just give Rob a call and we'll be out as quick as possible to sort the problem. And don't worry about it being too small! Or too big!


If you suddenly discover your roof is leaking when it rains or can see a possible loose or damaged tile, then give us a call. We are able to locate, repair or replace any aspect of your roof including the lead flashing and chimney. And whilst we are up there, we will check your guttering for blockage for free.


We are here to help with everything from repair to replacement in plastic, wood or metal to suit your requirements.

So remember if you have anything that needs fixing or repairing around the home, just call 07756 863285 today.

Maintenance/Repair includes:

Call: 07756 863285
Address: Moor End Cottage, Moor End,
Acaster Malbis, York, YO23 2UQ