In the garden… Maintenance/Repair:

There are always a number of maintenance jobs in the garden - no matter the time of year! From the simplest jobs like replacing broken fence panels to nurturing a pond back to life, R J Hall works with you to get the best results.

Patios & Driveways:

There was a time when we would wait for a knock on the door and 3 blokes would ask if they could sort your drive out with some left over tarmac from a local job.

Whilst this can be fine, maybe we are not all wanting a tarmac drive! You may want block paving, or part tarmac and part something else?

We are able to repair, re-lay or extend any drive to suit your requirements using the style that best suits you and your home.


If any outside structures require maintaining, like your outbuilding, greenhouse, shed or wall are looking a little unloved then just give us a call and we will have it how you want it again.

Maintenance/Repair includes:

Call: 07756 863285
Address: Moor End Cottage, Moor End,
Acaster Malbis, York, YO23 2UQ